KMR-U4K performs multi-channel decoding and monitoring of ATSC 3.0 based broadcasting streams in real time.
Multi-channel decoding and monitoring up to 4K@4CH or 2K@16CH
Input signal error monitoring
SLT, SLS signaling information analysis/display
MMT/ROUTE packet analysis/display
  - Service bit rate, media bit rate, signaling information bit rate, etc.
  - Arrival time difference of audio and video
  - Display of log information like as packet error occurrence
Real time HEVC video decoding and monitoring
  - Bit rate, resolution, frame rate, MPU/Segment duration, etc.
Real time MPEG-H 3D audio/AC-4 audio decoding and monitoring
  - Bit rate, number of channels, channel configuration, MPU/Segment duration, etc.
Stream recording for post-monitoring (optional storage capacity)
Output : DVI, HDMI 1.4a/2.0, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI (optional)


ATSC 3.0 Monitoring System
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